Watch – Event Catch Up: Fireside Chat with Trent Innes, Xero Australia

The Brisbane Business Hub hosted Trent Innes, Managing Director for Xero Australia for a Fireside chat. Facilitated by Sofie Formica, Trent spoke about the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses including:

  • What impacts on small business performance has Xero seen during COVID?
  • How has Queensland fared compared to the rest of Australia?
  • What is the future for small businesses after COVID?
  • What has Xero learned as a tech company during this time?
  • What industries have fared well during COVID and why is that the case?
  • Trent’s views on the future of work.

Catch up on the full event below:

About Trent Ines, Managing Director, Xero Australia

Guided by a strong people-focus, Trent has developed and grown Xero’s teams to better help small businesses thrive. He also oversees Asia as the regional lead.

Named Managing Director of the Year in 2017, by CEO Magazine, Trent’s focus on delivering next-level service across all aspects of Xero’s business has seen the company’s Australian subscriber base grow to over half a million. Similarly, revenue growth of over 40 percent under Trent’s careful watch, has ensured Xero’s position in the ranks of Australia’s Top 100 listed companies.

Passionate about the power of using insights to help policymakers make informed decisions, Trent launched Xero Small Business Insights last year, the first true snapshot of the sector’s health. Since launch, the insights have begun shaping thinking on the Australian small business economy.

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