Watch – Webinar Catch Up: Maximising your Digital Platform for Customer Reach with BDO, Bopple, and Yodel

Are you a small business adapting to the ever-changing COVID-19 impacts and want to ensure you have the best digital strategies in place to ensure that your product reach is maximised and protected from COVID-19 restrictions impacts in 2021?

This webinar will provide you with practical suggestions on how to market your product better to attract more customers in 2021. Hear lessons learned from Yodel’s Co-founders at Tyson Jenning and Simon Harris, Bopple’s Co-founder, Angus Mclacghlan, BDO’s Director of Startups Marc Orchard, and Director of Financial Education Rebecca White. These experts will share effective actionable strategies to promote your brand.

This panel of experts discuss:

  • Tools of the trade and tips and tricks in how to use
  • Lessons learned from a Brisbane Based tech company
  • How to avoid common pitfall and mistakes
  • Executing an actionable strategy to implement immediately to gain business success

Catch up on the full webinar below:

About Tyson Jennings, Yodel

Tyson is the co-founder of Yodel, originally a shift filling platform made by Simon and Tyson, a couple of McDonald’s managers, designed to help managers and business owners connect with their staff and fill shifts in seconds. Covid-19 meant the business had to change. Now Yodel is a local business listing platform that helps people discover and support local businesses, deals, and specials. With over 11,000 businesses listed on the platform and thousands of users, Yodel is the new way to connect with your local community.

About Marc Orchard, BDO
Marc Orchard is the Director of Startups with BDO in Brisbane. He is passionate about helping world-class entrepreneurs creating the exceptional companies of tomorrow. Marc’s goal is to create the professional service firm that startups always wished they had, and position BDO as the #1 professional service firm for startups and scaleups in Australia. Marc is the founder of our “BDO for Startups” program, Australia’s first professional service offering built specifically for startups.

About Rebecca White, BDO

Rebecca White, BDO’s Director of Financial Education, is committed to improving the financial literacy and business acumen of SMEs and Startups throughout Australia. As well as running her own Marketing company, Rebecca has taught hundreds of small business owners and startup founders how to identify the revenue opportunities that exist within their current customer base, marketing strategies to attract, convert and retain the ideal customer, and how to build a sales process that ensures “no lead gets left behind”. Rebecca aims to empower people with knowledge. She does so with practical, informative, and (if given a soapbox) passionate speaking engagements. Always one to have a goal, Rebecca aims to empower business leaders to make informed, strategic decisions and to take BDO’s Financial Education Programs to business leaders globally.

About Angus McLachlan, Bopple
Angus is the Co-Founder and CEO at Bopple. He brings a wealth of design experience having been a lead designer at Creative Action Design, based across the UK and the Middle East. He has consulted and led design campaigns for premium brands including Porsche, Dunhill, Qatar Airways, McLaren, Red Bull, Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Bid, and Nike.

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