2023 Asia Pacific Cities Summit and Mayors’ Forum – Opportunities

The APCS, the Asia Pacific’s landmark event for city leaders and those involved in running cities, is returning to Brisbane in 2023. The 2023 Asia Pacific Cities Summit (2023APCS) and Mayors’ Forum will be held from 11 – 13 October 2023 under the theme of ‘Shaping Cities for our Future‘.

This large and diverse gathering of mayors and city leaders will join together in Brisbane, offering your business a global gateway to powerful, high level networks. With opportunities available for businesses of all sizes, 2023APCS provides a unique forum for your business, with the world coming to your doorstep.

This workshop will show businesses like yours how to capitalise on the diverse range of opportunities available. Come along to this information session to learn how to use the 2023APCS to:

  • Gain access to global and high level networks,
  • Get involved in exhibition opportunities,
  • Participate in the Summit’s business program.


We will be joined by the team organising the 2023APCS, who will be able to go into detail about business involvement with the Summit and answer any specific questions you might have. This will include:

  • Cr Sarah Hutton, Councillor for Jamboree Ward
  • Ms Nicole Andronicus, General Manager, International Relations and Multicultural Affairs Branch
  • Ms Susie Clowes, Project Manager – Asia Pacific Cities Summit and Mayors’ Forum, Brisbane City Council


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