Achieve Your Business Goals Through the Power of a Strong Personal Brand

Are you a business professional, entrepreneur or an emerging or established leader who is an expert in your field, with the goal of becoming more visible? Are you in a career or business change and need to reinvent yourself? Is advancing your career or business an ongoing goal? If the answer is yes, it is time for you to create, or refresh, your personal brand.

As we know, it is a review driven marketplace. When we make buying decisions we stalk the profiles of our short-listed suppliers, to help us feel confident about signing on the dotted line.

This is true from selecting a coach, consultant, therapist, real estate agent, yoga studio, marketing consultant and or any type of business or professional. In fact you name it, and someone is out there online, checking you out.

No matter what business we run, there are people behind the brand, and given that every market is saturated, people buy from people known to them, that they like and trust. To be in the running you need to be online and have a digital presence. A profile is not enough. It needs to be constructed strategically to align with your goals and target audience. And then managed as an ongoing process.

Thoroughly building your Personal Brand online, to showcase your expertise, integrity and authenticity is one of the most important investments you can make in your career. When built from the ground up, it is a transformational process. It helps your clients easily identify themselves through your brand.

By attending this workshop, you will learn about:

  • What a personal brand is
  • Why it is important for your career and or business success
  • What the elements of a personal brand are
  • How to build your personal brand foundations, piece by piece
  • Which website platforms and software are important, if you are a newbie
  • 7 simple steps to reinvigorate your personal brand

While this workshop is open to all, the content is primarily targeting business owners, solopreneurs, start ups, consultants and leaders. curious about building their understanding of branding.


About Angela De Palma, Business Mentor, Prestige Staffing Solutions

Angela’s career spans two plus decades as an entrepreneur and an outcomes focused coach in personal branding, business, strategy, problem solving and mind-set, for business owners and professionals. Angela runs her own private practice as a personal brand, business, mindset and coach for visionaries scaling a business. She is the founder of a transformational holistic affordable coaching platform and philanthropic movement for women called She Simply Impacts.

She helps her clients simplify complexity and transform confusion, doubt, overwhelm and bottlenecks. The results are smart personal branding and career strategies unleashing passion, leverage and action. Her questioning and auditing skills have a knack for extracting relevant information into step by step action plans. She helps clients see what they don’t see in themselves or their business and motivates them to clarify their vision and turn their goals into reality. A huge part of her work is helping clients overcome mind-set obstacles to advancing their career and life.

9:30 am • 120 minutes


Vision Accountable



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