Actions that Lead to Greater Resilience and Leadership

9:00 am Free L2/155 Queen Street, Brisbane

To foster a high-performance workplace, there needs to be dual accountability between both the organisation and its people. Great progress has been made reducing the stigma around mental health difficulties and we now need to move beyond that and understand mental health and mental skills in the context of well-being, performance, and leadership. As an organisation we need to promote to create an environment where employees are supported and can thrive. As an individual, we need to make sure we can apply ourselves in the workplace and optimise our contribution. By treating our mental health as a skill set, we can identify the mental skills we need to strengthen to ensure we can combat the daily challenges of our lives, optimise our work performance, and lead effortlessly.

In this event, David Shillington gains insights from Youngcare CEO Anthony Ryan and Adventure Director Glenn Azar to identify those keys mental skills needed to feel your best and lead from the front. We’ll talk tactics on how to strengthen them to boost our energy, build our resilience, come into work on a bad day and do good work, sharpen our focus, and lead with confidence effortlessly.

About David Shillington, Managing Director, Wellbeing Code

Since retiring from the NRL in 2017, where he represented the QLD Maroons and Australia, David is now the CEO of Wellbeing Code and works alongside a team of 40 elite athletes and psychologists to make a lasting impact on the community.

About Anthony Ryan, CEO, Youngcare

Anthony is a Queensland Great and an experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of leadership in international development, property development, and networking. Areas of expertise include Non-Profits, Business Planning, Business Development, and Risk Management.

About Glenn Azar, Founder, The Building Better Humans Project

Glenn is the founder of The Building Better Humans project after he left the Australian Army where he spent 17 years working predominantly as an Aeromedical Evacuation Medic. Having experienced the amazing resilience of humans when on Operational and Non-Operational Deployments around the world Glenn started to immerse himself in Personal Development and the study of Human Behaviour.

Glenn operates as a personal mentor and coach to professional athletes, corporate CFOs and CEOs, and everyday people wanting to make changes and improvements in their lives. His philosophy is simple if you’re willing to do the work he can assist you in getting the most out of yourself. If you’re not willing to do the work then no-one can help you. You’re the magic ingredient in change and success. Glenn is a qualified Registered Nurse, Life Coach and is currently undertaking a Psychology Degree. He is committed to a lifetime of learning and growing so he can be the change others require of him.

9:00 am • 90 mins

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Wellbeing Code
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