Activate Your Superpowers in 2023 with Gene Keys

Quite often in life, we think it’s what we do that makes the biggest difference and yet experience has taught me that it’s more about who we are when we’re doing it that creates the biggest difference!

The Gene Keys offers a unique experience to go deeper into your being and discover your innate gifts regarding your life’s work and purpose.

This workshop will highlight the subconscious challenges people face throughout their lives and the gifts available to them to transcend those challenges and open up to a deeper illumination of their life’s work and purpose.

Most people can identify with the challenges that present to them throughout their lives. But what if you could uncover the gifts that play out subconsciously and use them to shift out of the challenges?

This workshop will uncover the unique gifts that already exist within each of us. When you can bring them into the light and use them as your superpower, that is when the game changes.

During the workshop, you will:

  1. Activate your unique gifts of life’s work, evolution, radiance and purpose
  2. Uncover the challenges that may be silently sabotaging all your efforts
  3. Realise that all challenges have a gift, and knowing these will facilitate moving the challenges with greater ease and flow
  4. Get a deeper sense of self and all you bring to the world at this time
  5. Bring your superpowers into your life, work, relationships and all you do


Kirsten Barfoot, Guide, Visionary and Author

Kirsten calls people into the excitement and the adventure of the Unknown, the Void of Pure Potential, to discover more of who they are, more than they ever thought they could be.

Kirsten works well with passionate, driven, dynamic leaders.  People who like to challenge the status quo, who like to do things their own way.  People who want to leave this life knowing they tried it all, gave it everything, made mistakes and know deep down, they left the world a better place just by being in it.

It is her personal mission to inspire lasting change, leadership, transformation and resourcefulness in others so they can live a life lit up from the inside, and in harmony with their Highest Potential.

She has been published in Thrive Global and featured in Business Insider.

9:30 am • 90 minutes


Kirsten Barfoot



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