Two Way Impact – Part 1: Addiction & The Work Place

9:00 am Free L2/155 Queen St Brisbane

Our personal and professional lives directly influence each other in both helpful and harmful ways. Addiction can increase work stress, and work stress can fuel addiction, rippling into negative consequences for ourselves, families, and the health and justice systems. As the next generation steps into the workforce, all levels of business can constructively explore their own culture of consumption on and off the clock.

This free workshop event will cover:

  • The cycle of addiction – substance and behavioural.
  • The impact on individuals, staff, customers, stakeholders, community and economy.
  • Lived experience insight from a former addict – Short and long term treatment options and the barriers to accessing help.
  • Supporting a person with addiction before, during, and in ongoing recovery – Communication and compassion.
  • Sober celebrations and events – The joys and challenges within your workplace and industry for booze free events.
  • Help and resources – Create meaningful change.

About Angelica Johnson, Founder and CEO, Instrumental Yoga.

Combining qualifications in Community Services, Yoga Teacher Training and Non-Violent Communication, Angelica’s most powerful credential is her recovery from addiction and mental illness.

She founded Instrumental Yoga in 2020, practical customised yoga for mental health and addiction recovery that is complementary to clinical care and enhances treatments. It is a peer support service that has expanded from in-home individual support to on-site group programs for in/outpatient services and rehabilitation settings- clients and staff, first responders, carers and community, the workplace, corporate events, and special occasions.

Angelica is on track to becoming an authority in the recovery space with her compelling mission: Empower people to access and value their own inner resources for greater recovery and quality of life, and increase the understanding and use of effective lifestyle interventions such as yoga, in clinical settings.

Although her prevention work seriously outlines some harsh realities, Angelica inspires hope with solution-focused practical information that will change the way you think about mental illness and addiction. Her warmth, wisdom and infectious energy are what propels her message from thought-provoking to action-taking.

9:00 am • 120 mins

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Instrumental Yoga



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