BDO Masterclass: Control Your Cash Flow

Poor cash flow management can lead to financial stress and can sink any business. Business owners with a cash flow management system tend to sleep better at night because they control their cash flow rather than cash flow controlling their business. With a process or tool for managing cash flow in place, you can predict if and when you might need an injection of cash, you can put strategies in place to reduce expenses and stretch your cash flow further.

  • Identify common cash flow mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Understand how cash flows through a business
  • Identify strategies to decrease cash flowing out of your business
  • Determine how to increase cash flowing into your business
  • Recognise ATO payments and financial obligations relevant to you
  • Understand the structure of a cash flow forecast


Craig Mitchell, Business Services Partner, BDO

Craig is a Business Services Partner and a Financial Educator for the Business Growth Program at BDO in Brisbane. Craig develops close working relationships with business owners and managers to help them manage and grow their businesses.

Craig provides taxation and business advice to clients, including family-owned and operated businesses, entrepreneurs, and high-net-worth individuals. He is an experienced adviser to real estate & construction businesses, with a particular interest in construction business and QBCC compliance matters.

As a Financial Educator, Craig leads the delivery of our 12-month financial education and Business Growth Program in Brisbane. This program has a strong financial literacy foundation, providing business leaders with a strategic framework for business and personal growth. Craig is dedicated to empowering business owners by improving their financial literacy to make informed strategic decisions to grow their business.

Craig joined BDO in 2015 after gaining experience as an accountant and advisor in a boutique accounting firm and a listed professional services firm.


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