Beginners To Business Social Media

9:00 am Free L2/155 Queen Street, Brisbane

Get informed about different Social Media platforms and how they can benefit your business. Think about how many times a day someone uses social media. Think about all the different social media platforms that exist. Now think about how many potential clients and customers could be a click away from your business if you had social media.

For your business to succeed, you need to know how to use this time, people dedicated to social media, in your favour. It can be quite scary and daunting learning about social media., but this is where your target market lives in today’s world. Most people use at least Facebook and YouTube, let alone Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. So, as a business, how do you navigate this? Which platforms are the best for you? Where to start? Well, this is where I come in.

I am a child of the social media age and know all too well the amount of time one can spend on social media. As a young entrepreneur, social media has been instrumental in building my business and gaining clientele. So, join my free workshop so you too can learn the basics of utilising social media in a business capacity.

This class will include information on the following platforms and how you can use them for your business:

• Facebook

• YouTube

• Twitter

• Instagram

• TikTok

About John Gomez, Founder, John Fair Innovations

John Gomez founded John Fair Innovations in 2020, with the intention of providing education to all learners, and not just those who succeed in traditional schooling. After completing a Bachelor of Secondary Education and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, John has worked in Education for over 5 years. During this time, he has worked with learners of all levels, ages, and learning backgrounds. With a passion for helping others, especially those who have been forgotten and disenfranchised with Education,

John is now focusing on helping as many as he can reach. He founded John Fair Innovations with the ideology and the premise that we are capable of achieving greatness so long as we have the right tools to do so. Tools, which John aims to provide in his classes. His classes also aim to improve the English and Maths of his learners so they can achieve and fulfill their dreams and goals.

9:00 am • 120 mins

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John Fair Innovations





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