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Harness the power of your brands’ purpose and authenticity with Rowland. On the path to finding purpose in today’s business landscape, it’s never been so important for businesses to return to what they know best — their core beliefs.

Harnessing the power of authenticity and staying true to brand values is not only critical in driving operational decision making but has proven crucial in cementing business’ image, reputation and positioning in the minds of consumers during this time of uncertainty. But in a landscape saturated with purpose-driven messages and marketing, getting the brand mix — purpose, values, promises, personality, culture, and identity — right is as challenging as it is critical.

To ensure you get the brand mix right, join Rowland’s Head of Brand and Head of Creative Services as they guide you in how to use your brand as a platform for purpose.

About Melissa Lemberg, Head of Brand, Rowland

Melissa specialises in unearthing, developing, and articulating brand strategies for organisations, ensuring alignment to strategic priorities and direction. A well-travelled and highly experienced brand and marketing communication consultant, Melissa has held roles in respected agencies in Brisbane, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Sunshine Coast over the past 15 years.

As Head of Brand at Rowland, Melissa oversees a range of projects and campaigns designed to enhance an organisation’s brand and reputation. She does this across a mix of disciplines including brand and positioning, brand strategy, market research, communication audits, digital, multimedia, publicity and media relations, marketing campaigns, and advertising.

Melissa sees brand as a powerful organisational tool for bringing vision and strategy to life. She has developed brand strategies for Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Brisbane South State Secondary College, Stahmann Webster and Commerce Vision. Melissa is an expert at developing, implementing, and managing brand and reputation projects that align to clients’ engagement and communication objectives through careful and innovative campaign planning and production.

As the former Group Manager in Rowland’s Marketing Communication team, Melissa brings extensive experience from concept to execution, helping leading B2B and enhancing their profile via traditional and digital channels. Melissa’s keen eye for detail and personable approach help forge strong partnerships with clients. Throughout her career, Melissa has acquired deep knowledge across a range of sectors, working closely with and alongside a portfolio of clients including consumer and lifestyle, property, government, notfor-profit, transport and infrastructure, and manufacturing.

Melissa is passionate about strategic integrated communication, where all brand touchpoints deliver the desired positioning and message, and looks forward to guiding her clients through strategically-driven, well-executed multi-channel communication programs which activate and engage audiences.

About Suzanne Collins, Head of Creative Services, Rowland

An innovative and results-driven senior marketer and strategist, Suzanne has over 30 years’ experience working with leading companies across a wide range of brands and industries. As Head of Creative Services, Suzanne oversees our dynamic, award-winning creative studio, working closely with our consultants to develop and deliver exciting and effective creative solutions for clients.

Suzanne’s enthusiasm and strategic approach ensures all creative is built on a foundation of strategy; capturing the hearts and minds of audiences through a powerful marriage of words, imagery, and imagination. An expert at developing and implementing powerful and practical marketing and creative strategies, Suzanne is passionate about design excellence that captures attention, communicates clearly, and achieves clients’ business and communication objectives.

Throughout her career, Suzanne has acquired knowledge of a diverse range of sectors, working in both in-house Marketing Management and national agency leadership roles.


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