Build Individual & Business Leadership using the Neuroscience of Trust

Trust is everything. Whether you’re leading a multinational corporation or have taken on your own start-up, the intrinsic value of trust cannot be overstated.

Join us to explore trust in the workplace context and its paramount role in leadership, team dynamics, and the overall brand identity of businesses, regardless of size or industry.

By attending this workshop, you will learn about:

  • What trust is and why it is essential for leaders, teams and businesses
  • How to assess who (people or organizations) you can trust
  • How to make decisions that build and enhance interpersonal and business trust


Joseph Tigani, Organizational Neuroscientist, Master Coach, and Global Speaker

Joseph is an expert in developing trust based on brain science. For his neuroscience master’s degree, Joseph’s research on the ‘Neuroscience of Trust’ was given an outstanding grade of 99%. He also has degrees in business and law and is a Certified Master Coach. Using brain-based methods, for over two decades Joseph has coached and trained leaders and teams to improve their abilities and performance.

Joseph has delivered inspiring presentations at multiple global conferences in Asia and Europe. In Australia, he has delivered presentations for the Australian Human Resources Institute, International Coaching Federation, and the Queensland University of Technology, as well as conducting numerous workshops for clients.

12:00 pm • 120 minutes


NeuroTrust Institute





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