Communicate To Connect – Strategic Communication for Leaders

9:00 am Free L2/155 Queen Street, Brisbane

“Everyone communicates, few people connect” – John C. Maxwell.

Mastering deep, meaningful, and human connection is essential to earn trust and loyalty. At the root of this is real communication. When we communicate with clarity, compassion, and consistency, we motivate, educate, and inspire. The tools we use today may have changed, however, the basics have not. We still need to articulate our purpose and focus on our people, if we want to create real connections and sustained engagement – offline AND online.

This insightful and practical session will help you hone your communication skills, build your confidence and accelerate your impact at work.


• a framework for purposeful communication to ensure you deliver the right messages in the right way to the right people at the right time

• a human-centred approach so your workforce and customers feel valued

• increased confidence to create more meaningful connections which will improve team and organisational performance

• an understanding of the influence social media has on customers and complaints.

About Mel Kettle, Communication Strategist , Mel Kettle & Associates

Mel Kettle is an expert at communication that builds trust. She understands how to create strategies that have an immediate, meaningful impact. With more than two decades of experience in strategic communication and leadership and a unique educational combination of a Master of Business (Marketing) and a Master of Public Health, Mel is a valuable asset to leaders and teams that want to achieve real connection and sustained engagement.

Clients rave about Mel’s sharp insight, her ability to simplify the complex, and her capacity to mobilise people and ideas so they can increase their visibility and influence.

She is the host of the podcast This Connected Life and author of The Social Association. Her second book Connected Leadership –Starts with You is due out in late-2021

9:00 am • 120 mins

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Mel Kettle & Associates



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