Communicating and Navigating Not-for-Profit Leadership Success

This workshop will offer significant value to a business audience by providing insights and strategies that can be applied to enhance leadership and success within the not-for-profit sector. It will help to clarify how to communicate effectively within your organisation.

The key takeaways include the following:

  • Leadership Insights: Gain firsthand knowledge and personal experiences from leaders who have successfully headed charitable organisations.
  • Strategic Management: Learn about optimal organisational structures, particularly in periods of growth, and identify foundational goals for the long-term success of your organisation.
  • Team-Care and Resilience: Understand the importance of building resilient teams and fostering a culture of care within your organisation.
  • Communication Strategies: Explore effective communication within the not-for-profit and social enterprise sector, bridging the gap between charity and commerce.
  • Your Why: Uncover the significance of understanding your purpose in the not-for-profit space and how it shapes the impact you can make.


Jenny Gilpin, Holistic Care and Not-for-profit Specialist at Stone Creative Group

Jenny’s specialist focus is launching and establishing not-for-profit organisations. She expertly leads and guides those who oversee such organisations with her unique and brilliant strong-but-soft demeanour.

With extensive personal experience in heading a charitable organisation with multi-million pound budgets every year, Jenny knows the “ins and outs” of management, team care, resilience, and longevity. She is uniquely gifted in understanding launching and establishing not-for-profit organisations.

Dr Ruth Knight, Forum Design

Dr Ruth Knight holds over 30 years of experience in the career of health and community services and for the past 6 years been with the Australian Centre of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies at QUT as a lecturer and researcher specialising in the fields of managing social sector organisations and social enterprise. She focuses on social issues and social change, using reflective practice and strategic thinking to improve leadership, social innovation and evaluation. Ruth was an editor of the ‘Handbook of Research Methods for Organisational Culture’ which is an internationally recognised handbook for leaders who want to understand the theory and practice of having a good workplace culture.

Andrew Stone, Founder of Stone Creative Group

Andrew founded Stone Creative Leadership Group to create a proactive environment for leaders to converge their passion and clarity, personally and professionally.

Andrew has been in leadership roles within the community since his early teens and is currently serving as a leadership development and communications consultant for corporate and education sectors, universities, allied health and wellbeing space, faith-based communities, leadership colleges and not-for-profit organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and USA.

A sought-after speaker with a unique communicative style, Andrew travels the world from boardrooms to auditoriums with one purpose, to lead leaders into clarity.

9:30 am • 120 minutes


Stone Creative Group



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