Communication & Leadership Development with a Twist (and Turn!)

Leadership can be challenging and can be even harder when you don’t know how to ‘lead the dance’.

This workshop will give you another view of leadership and develop your non-verbal communication skills, self awareness, awareness of others, and both your leadership and followership skills through the foundations of partner dance.

Through the basic concepts of fun South American partner dancing you will improve your leadership by developing your non-verbal communication skills, understanding that to be a great leader you also need to know when and how to follow, and to lead through quality communication, not control.

Along the way you will build your self expression and confidence. When you feel free, you communicate better, and dance is freedom.

  • Improve your leadership through learning the basics of partner dance.
  • Develop your non-verbal communication skills through leading and following fun South American dance styles.
  • Leadership through quality communication, not control.
  • Build confidence in your self expression and understand how you can boost your wellbeing through partner dance, to in turn lift your leadership game.
  • When you feel free, you communicate better and dance is freedom.


About Tarcisio Teatini-Climaco, Founding Director at Rio Rhythmics

Tarcisio studied civil engineering for 4 years to finally discover that his calling was communication via dance.

Tarcisio is a Capoeira (Brazilian dance martial art) master and was the first person to introduce this art form with a very big range of South and Central American dance to Australia in 1989, and going on to found Australia’s first Latin Dance Academy, Rio Rhythmics, in 1994.

In Australia, he was the Latin item director on the Brisbane 2001 Goodwill Games and a member of the Australian Dance Council’s Interim Competency Standards Project Reference Group, and for 4 years represented Queensland on the Australia Council of the Arts’ Dance Funds committee, and also advised on dance as a member of the Australia Council’s Multicultural Advisory Committee.

Tarcisio has always been passionate about showing people they can dance, and that it will improve their life.

He runs workshops throughout the community, at schools, for businesses and at conventions developing a wide range of skills from language, leadership, self expression, communication, and team building.

His academic approach to teaching Latin dance is revolutionary and very different from the usual commercialised image many people hold of Latin dance.


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