In this workshop you will learn how to build, communicate and protect your brand in a hybrid world. Walk away from this workshop having gained a new level of understanding about the immerging world of work and how to keep up in an everchanging environment.

We are facing new levels of complexity in the next world of work.

• More micro-moments

• Diverse relationships

• Multiple communications channels

How do you rise above the noise? What does it take for your message to get through to the right people? How do you protect your most valuable asset (aka your reputation) and manage your digital footprint ?

In this masterclass, Petra, Mel and JF will share practical solutions to help you:

• stand out so you become a trusted authority, and amplify your influence

• communicate with clarity, compassion and conviction so you create real connection and sustained engagement

• you can prevent cyber security breaches and protect your digital assets when you and your staff work from home


About Mel Kettle, Communication Strategist, founder, Mel Kettle & Associates 

Mel Kettle is an expert at communication that earns trust. She understands how to create strategies that have meaningful impact. With more than two decades of experience in strategic communication and leadership, Mel is a valuable asset to leaders and teams that want achieve real connection and sustained engagement. Clients rave about Mel’s sharp insight, her ability to simplify the complex and her capacity to mobilise people and ideas so they can increase their visibility and influence. She is the host of podcast This Connected Life and author of The Social Association. Her second book is due out in 2022.

About Petra Zink, founder, Impaccct and The360Talent.Co

Petra Zink helps professionals go from expert to trusted authority by branding and packaging their point of difference so they stand out and get recognised for their message. She is the Founder of impaCCCt and The360Talent.Co – both companies designed to future-proof individuals and organisations. Petra is also the host of the Your Brand. Your Future. podcast and delivers her programs through coaching, online courses, training and practical keynotes.

About JF Tixeront, CEO, Hoplon Cyber Security

JF Tixeront is the CEO of Hoplon Cyber Security, providing personalised services to small business, professionals working from home and households. He has helped design, launch and implement new technology platforms with a customer-centric mindset to transform traditional products and distribution models. JF has a keen interest in Cyber Security and understands the risks and threats confronting contemporary Australian businesses and families. He is passionate about tackling those issues and helping our clients to secure their digital lives.

12:00 pm • 120 minutes


Mel Kettle & Associates





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