Data Storytelling: What does your data tell you about your business?

Business owners have access to a range of data on their performance, but it isn’t always used as effectively as it could be.

In this session, participants will consider the types of data they have available in their organisation, think about their understanding of the numbers, and reflect on visualisation tools they use to convey meaning.

The ultimate goal of data use is data storytelling, and through this session, participants will build their data storytelling skills and think about the ways their data informs their decision making.


About Dr Selena Fisk, Data Researcher, Speaker, and Teacher

She is as enthusiastic about building data storytelling skills in others as she is in building her own understanding of the evolving ways data can support businesses to flourish and thrive.

For Selena, using data in a way that benefits humans – whether that be employees, clients, or leaders – is the only way to use data. Almost nothing will accelerate the impact we can have in our sphere of influence like having, and acting on, good data on the things that matter.

Selena has mentored hundreds of executives, senior and middle leaders, and organisational teams, to build their understanding of, and skills in data storytelling. This increased capacity has increased positive organisational change both in the way in which individuals view data, but more importantly, in the way that teams engage in evidence-informed collaborative decision making.


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