Develop Your Leadership and Inspire Others

A true leader brings out the greatness that lies within each human being and enables individuals to put that greatness into practice consistently. Leaders inspire themselves and others to do, be, give and become more than they ever thought possible.

When faced with challenges, leaders defy the odds, set a new standard, and step up and create the future as they see it. Whether you are committed to connecting, contributing and growing as an empowered leader in your work, with your family or in your community, This Leadership training will immerse you in an environment of superior standards and set the pace for you to empower, not only yourself, but also those around you.

Join this workshop to discover and develop your identity as a leader. By attending, you will:

  • Learn how to create lasting change in yourself and others
  • Master the principles of Why we think, feel and behave the way we do; and how to change permanently for the better.
  • Practice the core skills every leader needs to help themselves and others to create positive and empowering change.
  • Learn how to effectively build your dynamic Leadership skills
  • Understand leadership styles, discover ways to grow and enhance your own as you bring out the leadership qualities in others.

While this workshop is open to all, the content will be specifically aimed towards people who are looking to take up leadership roles, or are already in one and wanting to more effectively manage their business operations.


About Pushpa Vaghela, Founder of Women’s Mentoring Foundation

Pushpa is not in Business; she is on a mission for her calling and purpose. Leaders with exceptional influential qualities, have always Started with them Self-Leadership, then leading Others, Teams and Organisations. Pushpa has shaped thousands of leaders worldwide. Worked with people. from all walks of life and professions. Enhanced Leaders capabilities generating outstanding outcomes.

A go-to name for government, conference planners, corporate, multicultural groups, delegates, stakeholders, executives and navigate change in culture. Participants take home new perspectives for making lasting behavioural changes.

A trusted high-stake facilitator, panel moderator and Master of Ceremonies (MC) Pushpa believes successful leadership is available to all who are willing to make a conscious choice to develop their abilities and become high performing magnets, with high values, strong authentic beliefs, and a determination that does not know Failure.

Pushpa delivers powerful psychological lessons, that has helped individuals become empowered, businesses grow, and organisations create high value loyal customers by driving highly engaged teams. Pushpa dedicatedly serves deeming that a leader is most effective when they understand how to blend vision and courage with humility and compassion.

She provides simple yet powerful solutions to the complex world of leadership and people dynamics. As a Woman, Mother, Director, Accountant, Neuro Therapist, Keynote Speaker, & Author, Pushpa embraces it with a sense of duty to bring out greatness in others, to help Women leaders from all walks of life, inspire them to transform their lives, to then compound this value with others.

9:30 am • 120 minutes


Pushpa Vaghela
Founder, Pushpa Coaching





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