Discover the Secrets to Building Profitable New Facebook Marketing Campaigns that Generate Leads, Engagement and Sales for Your Brand

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Facebook works incredibly well in terms of marketing and driving traffic to websites and offers … but there needs to be consistency and a process otherwise you may be wasting precious time and money.

A results-based Facebook Advertising Strategy starts with the following three step:

  • Step 1: Create brand awareness and build a Facebook community that knows, likes and trusts you
  • Step 2: Generate highly targeted leads
  • Step 3: Run Facebook ad campaigns to your highly targeted warm audience and leads and drive them to your website and/or offers.

The benefits of the above strategy include greater exposure of your ads, lower Facebook ad costs, increased engagement, lead generation and sales conversion.

Join Kerry for this workshop where she will take you through the strategy with real life examples and case studies.

In addition, Kerry consistently invests in her own social media professional development and will share the most up-to-date strategies relating to generating leads, driving traffic and sales.

This is a virtual event. Attendance information will be sent via email to registered attendees. 


About Kerry Fitzgibbon, Founder, Kerry Fitzgibbon Digital Agency

For the last decade, Kerry has worked with businesses all over the world, helping them implement the very latest Facebook marketing strategies. As a former radio host and TV journalist, Kerry’s been involved in marketing and communication for over 17 years.

Kerry specializes in learning about, applying and coaching others in Social Media Marketing specializing in Facebook Advertising, Remarketing and Messenger Marketing (aka chatbots) and helping people build reliable, sustainable, scalable income streams from

Here are some of the things that Kerry excels in:

  • How to rapidly generate hundreds of hot leads a day using Facebook marketing. Kerry shows you how you can double your opt-in rates, increase sales by up to 15-fold, and at the same time reduce your social media marketing spend by up to 90%.
  • Did you know that a person who joins your list from Facebook will buy three times as much as someone who comes from a Google search? Unfortunately, most businesses are still doing Facebook Marketing the old way – and it’s costing them dearly.
  • The nuts-and-bolts of “how to implement Facebook the right way” in your business… Kerry’s step-by-step, easy-to-implement formula for rapid marketing results.
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