Disrupt to Thrive™ – A new approach to workforce planning

4:00 pm Free L2/155 Queen Street, Brisbane

Right now, business owners, CEOs, and senior executives all over Australia and indeed around the world are being challenged by the impacts of COVID-19 and the current economic crisis that has unfolded since March 2020. In most cases, disruption brings a fantastic opportunity enabling growth, reduction in costs, achieving greater productivity, greater value to stakeholders, and types of innovations not before possible. However, this unique time, together with exponential advancements in technology already in play, is having an enormous influence on current business models, productivity, workforce capacity, and capability.

As business recovers, the most critical opportunity for leaders and managers right now, is the development or the transition of their people, enhancing their motivation and productivity, promoting sustained employability.

In this complex environment, how can we prepare people for a future where disruption and uncertainty are the norm?

Join Libby Marshall, founder of Steam Capital, as she shows you:

  • An innovative framework designed to safely disrupt current workforce structures;
  • How to safely communicate with teams to explore career aspirations and development opportunities;
  • Unique ways to motivate and engage your workforce during times of immense change.

We encourage you to attend this event with other members of your organisation so that you can work together as a team on workshop activities.

About Libby Marshall, Steam Capital

Libby’s brainchild Steam Capital transforms the way people prepare for their careers and revolutionises the way employers attract, engage, and identify talent. For Libby the future of work is all about people taking control of their career trajectory, adapting to opportunity, and being empowered to create their own success with intent and purpose.

In developing the capability and capacity of people, Libby brings a depth and breadth of knowledge highly valued by business, industry, and candidates alike.

Her 30 plus years of expertise allow her to uncover career pathways for individuals and identify strategies and solutions for organisations to build empowered, confident, productive workforces.

A highly regarded international leader in human resources Libby now heads the Australia New Zealand MBA Director’s Forum. This forum brings together leaders from business, academia, and government to debate current and emerging trends that impact how to identify, attract, and engage the best talent from around the world.

4:00 pm • 60mins

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Steam Capital



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