Drawing for Self-Care

When it comes to organisational success, we can get caught up in the data, marketing, strategy, operations…and everything else that comes with leading a business. While all of these have their own role to play, it is just as important to prioritise self care for ourselves and our team. Fortunately, self care does not have to be significantly time consuming or costly – it can be as simple as drawing.

This guided drawing session will help you explore your visual language and metaphors. Guided drawing requires no artistic talent or drawing ability. Just come along and have some fun whilst exploring the properties of mindful drawing, and learn how it can be used in your business to promote greater resourcefulness, create possibilities and improve wellbeing.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Experience the power of creative processes, such as doodling, writing and drawing
  • Learn how drawing as a self-care activity can bring out self-awareness and self-connection
  • Use doodling and writing to help you move towards positive change personally and professionally
  • See how group guided drawing helps us learn from each other and share the group’s wisdom

As part of Wellness Week, a networking opportunity will follow the 11:30am session conclusion and morning tea will be provided.


About Florence Ee, Founder at Mindful Doodles

Florence is a counsellor and doodle enthusiast. She enjoys watching her children draw and doodle. More so, she is interested in the process of doing this creative activity. What happens when we do a doodle or draw? How can we explore these thoughts and feelings?

After completing a Master of Counselling in 2008, Florence then specialised in drawing therapy and completed the 3 year training in Interactive Drawing Therapy (IDT). She has been an accredited IDT instructor since 2011. Florence works in her private practice “Mindful Doodles” and runs group workshops for agencies and schools. Florence is currently facilitating a drawing for wellness group at a sexual assault service in Logan.


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