Embrace the Unknown: Building Resilience in the Face of Change

In a world constantly evolving, the ability to navigate change is a crucial skill for personal and professional success. Join us for a dynamic workshop that delves into the essence of ambiguity, exploring why it triggers discomfort and how our innate responses are hardwired into our DNA.

This workshop is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their adaptability, resilience, and capacity to thrive amidst uncertainty. Whether you’re navigating organisational changes, pursuing personal growth, or simply interested in understanding the psychology behind uncertainty, this session will equip you with valuable insights and actionable strategies.

The key takeaways will include:

  • Understanding ambiguity – Explore the concept of ambiguity and why humans find it challenging. Recognise the inherent discomfort associated with change and uncertainty.
  • Normalising discomfort – Learn that feeling uncomfortable about change is a natural human response. Gain insights into the psychological and biological factors contributing to our resistance to ambiguity.
  • Tolerance of ambiguity – Discover the three dimensions of tolerance of ambiguity and their impact on decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Eight Skills for increased tolerance – Identify and develop the eight key skills that contribute to a higher tolerance of ambiguity. Acquire practical tools for integrating these skills into your daily life.



About Samantha Rush, Founder, Samantha Rush

Samantha Rush a decision making expert, with qualifications in International Business, HR and Industrial Relations, Psychology (with First Class Honours), an MBA, and now, working on a PhD in decision making.

As a speaker, facilitator, consultant, and coach, Samantha helps individuals, teams, and organisations feel more confident in making great choices about how to move forward. Her work with organisations connects the people, systems, information and processes in a way that helps to smooth out the decision making continuum.

About Susanne Le Boutillier, Managing Director, Susanne Le Boutillier

Susanne’s background is in public sector leadership, health and human services, with an emphasis on transformational change, strategic leadership, stakeholder engagement, and governance.

As a speaker, facilitator, consultant and coach she knows that sometimes it’s best to keep it simple, and other times, it’s all about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Susanne inspires and equips leaders and teams to navigate the tough stuff and come out the other side, surviving and thriving with confidence.


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