Empower Emotional Intelligence for True Success

Michelle Cannan has guided and supported thousands of people from corporates to creatives to empower their emotional intelligence to FINALLY crack the freedom code to liberate their financial, personal and/or professional frustrating recurring life cycles. Know you have the capacity to embrace all challenges as your greatest opportunity of growth without being consumed by overwhelm, anxiety or confusion.

Michelle is an absolute powerhouse of knowledge, a skilful facilitator and entertaining speaker who illuminates a profound pathway that transforms perceived limitations into the greatest opportunity to liberate infinite potential.

Our emotions are powerful indicators that hold valuable information that no one taught us how to translate, especially our negative emotions.

In this workshop, you will learn about:

  • The five stages of unlocking your potential
  • How to integrate Emotional Intelligence (EI) and IQ to access creativity and productivity
  • Co-relating through emotional regulation for effective and powerful communication and relationship development.


Michelle Cannan – Clinical Therapist of 25 years, Transformational Coach, Founder and Creator of the SAccess Method, Trained Keynote Speaker.

Gifted with insightful wisdom from a young age, along with the ability to read human behaviour, Michelle Cannan came into this world a born healer.

Michelle has supported thousands of people from corporate to creatives to learn how to TRANSLATE their frustrating recurring life cycles, patterns, behaviours, and emotions to access and activate the ‘wealth’ of their dreams. Clients unlocking frustrating recurring life cycles in their personal and professional lives to align, rise and SHINE to LIVE a life by soulful design.

She has travelled many emotional, physical, and professional miles to draw from a wealth of knowledge she has studied over the last 25 years, ranging from Traditional Chinese Medicine to science to create a proven five phase transformational process known as the SAccess Method ™️. A process that empowers people to consciously recognize individual challenges as an opportunity for evolution.

1:00 pm • 120 minutes


Michelle Cannan





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