Empowering Rejection to Create Confidence in Life and Leadership

Rejection is a primordial emotion that significantly impacts our confidence and impacting our sense of security & safety within the workplace, community and relationships. The overwhelming nature of rejection can hinder our confidence and limit our potential, resulting in decreased productivity and presenteeism.

When we understand the neuroscience of how rejection triggers our nervous system, we are then able to empower ourselves to upgrade the old “Hard drive” to be able to access and cultivate confidence to achieve desired outcomes.

From this workshop, you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding the neuroscience of rejection to empower confidence
  • Use rejection as an opportunity to know the truth of oneself
  • Learn how to eliminate burn out, procrastination and overachieving
  • Receive tools to become resilient in the face of rejection


About Michelle Cannan – Transformation & Leadership Coach | Clinical Therapist of 25 years | Founder and Creator of the SAccess Method | Trained Keynote Speaker

Michelle is an absolute powerhouse of knowledge, a skillful facilitator & entertaining speaker who illuminates a profound pathway that transforms perceived limitation into actualised potential for every human to know the freedom of their essential nature.

She has integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine, NLP, EFT, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Hypnotic Techniques & Quantum Physics to create a proven 5 phase transformational process known as the SAccess Method ™️

Having guided and supported thousands of people from corporates to creatives, Michelle has a strong emphasis on empowering Emotional Intelligence through her signature techniques to access causative issue to then align personal & professional values to increase productivity, communication, and overall wellbeing.


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