Enhancing Your Workforce with Global Talent

In 2023, Australia experienced its lowest unemployment rate in nearly 50 years. This has introduced a new hurdle for businesses to overcome – the intensifying competition for talent, making it increasingly challenging to attract new staff.

To address this issue and find a viable solution, an alternative labour strategy has emerged: leveraging the global workforce. This approach has gained popularity among both small and large businesses, as it provides an effective means to tackle the talent scarcity. By adopting this strategy, your business can tap into a diverse pool of international professionals, complementing your existing Australian talent with a wealth of varied perspectives and experiences.

Through insightful discussions and practical guidance, we will explore the step-by-step process of incorporating international professionals into your team.

By attending this workshop, you will learn about:

  • How to access the global workforce
  • Strategies available to support a global workforce, including navigating visas, sponsorships and independent pathways
  • How to compliment your Australian workforce with global talent
  • Preparing for having global talent in your business

While this workshop is open to everyone, the content will be particularly valuable for businesses working in the IT & data, mining/resources/construction, or allied health space.


About Rachael Bosnjak, Director of Passage Co.

Vibrant, candid, and optimistic, Rachael is a force for good when it comes to using her knowledge of immigration law to unite people, create joy, and enhance diversity and equality. She gets great outcomes because she removes complexity and gets straight to the heart of migration legislation.

Whether you’re an employer looking for strategies to overcome a tight labour market, or a talented worker ready to move your entire life for love, career, and happiness, she masterfully maps out the migration path that enables offshore talent to work and live in Australia.

You get to experience migration processes with peace of mind, knowing Rachel is a driven, trustworthy, and skillful lawyer. Working with large organisations, small businesses, and individuals to solve labour challenges, she is passionate about creating a positive impact by improving cultural diversity and equality through her work.

As a lawyer, Rachael has worked with multinational businesses, asylum seekers, and individuals trying to navigate the complex web of immigration in Australia. Much more than just a lawyer, she has experienced most migration situations alongside her clients and is a professional and experienced designer of migration solutions.


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