Financial Health Check for Business Owners

Most business owners have an objective of creating a profitable, thriving business that can provide them with personal financial independence. However, the reality of business ownership can often, at least initially, involve a period of tough slog, and lots of re-investment back into the business to generate longer term growth.

Once your business is established, and even before it is, it is really important that you take stock of your personal financial situation, and make sure everything is working towards achieving your own financial goals, no matter what they are.

With this said, start your financial health check at the ideal time… today!

Join us for a guided session to help you identify gaps in your finances and wealth-building strategies, and hear practical tips on how to rectify these.

You will also learn about all aspects of a financial health check that are relevant for business owners, including:

  • Understanding various strategies for investment, superannuation and debt
  • Making sure you are on top of your personal insurance
  • Identify tax opportunities relevant to you
  • Explore succession and estate planning

Plus, we will also share some real life case studies relevant to business owners, as well as some great financial tips to take advantage of.


About Mark O’Flynn, Managing Director and Principal Adviser at Oxlade Financial

Mark O’Flynn is the Managing Director & Principal Adviser at Oxlade Financial – one of the few independent financial planning firms in Brisbane. He has been in the industry since 2005, and has been practicing as an Independent Advisor since 2015. Mark was a finalist in the FPA Certified Financial Planner®️ Professional of the Year Award in 2021, and a finalist in four categories in the 2022 IFA Excellence Awards.

As a Financial Planner and a business owner, Mark understands the opportunities and issues faced by both business owners and business professionals. His extensive qualifications and experience are coupled with a true passion for improving the lives of his valued clients. Mark has worked with most of his clients for many years, including many Business Owners, and he places great value on these long-term, rewarding relationships.

Mark holds both the Certified Financial Planner®️ and Chartered Financial Analyst®️ qualifications. He also has a Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Accounting), and has completed a Diploma in Financial Planning. Mark is a member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia’s Professional Standards & Conduct Committee, and also has specialist SMSF Accreditation.

About Simon Hepson, Senior Financial Adviser at Oxlade Financial

Simon Hepson is a Senior Financial Adviser at Oxlade Financial. Simon has 9 years’ experience as a Financial Adviser, and has been an Independent Adviser since 2018. As well as holding his Certified Financial Planner®️ qualification, Simon has also completed a Masters in Financial Planning and a Bachelor of Business (Finance).

Simon manages the financial affairs of a number of business owners & professionals, so he truly understands the financial complexities and intricacies they face. He recognises the difference that good advice can make, and is driven by helping his clients to achieve their goals.

Simon was recognised as a Finalist in three categories of the 2022 IFA (Independent Financial Adviser) Excellence Awards in 2022. He is an experienced and ethical operator, who brings great value to his clients.

9:30 am • 90 minutes


Oxlade Financial





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