Finding Your Brand Focus

Sitting down to work on your strategic positioning is all about focus. It will help you draw out your expertise, your distinguishing factor. It should enable you to focus your sales and marketing efforts on your chosen specialisation.

Positioning can be used at a brand and a product level, in this workshop, I will work very broadly, but the tools we’ll unpack – can be used across the board to help you with your messaging, whether it is your overarching brand/company, or a specific product or service.

The questions we will ask ourselves today should help you understand the unique needs of the companies or clients you work with and then help you appeal to their goals.

We’ll aim to help you describe your products and/or services, their unique attributes and advantages, and how your business helps other businesses in as few words as possible.


Caitlin Dillon, Director of Strategic Marketing for Focused Marketing

Caitlin is an experienced brand, marketing, and communications professional. She has worked in a broad range of industries, that make her particularly well suited to consulting, assisting companies to grow and feel proud of their work.
She has a passion for clear vision and positioning, consistent branding and messaging and great communication across all levels of an organisation; always aligned with business strategy and objectives.

Creative, practical and hands on, Caitlin has delivered projects as varied as global re-branding and positioning, sponsorships, strategic partnerships, thought leadership, facilities branding, employer branding, large-scale events and integration and change communications.

Bronnie Clements, Marketing Consultant 

Bronnie is passionate about using creativity, innovation, and vision to build competitive brands.
She has helped local and multinational businesses in a broad range of industries to win work, win awards, create better content and clearly articulate their value proposition.

Bronnie was recently recognised for award-winning commercial creativity, taking out second place at Queensland AWARD School 2022 (run by the Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association).

9:00 am • 120 minutes


Focused Marketing





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