From Good to Great: How to move the needle when it comes to the performance of your team

The first step in moving the needle from good to great is the requirement to be honest about why things are not changing, what you do or do not know, and call on a coach to officer guidance and hold you accountable.


About David Munro, CEO, Executive Performance Partners

With over 20 years of Executive and Business Psychology, David is fortunate to have spent his career supporting Leaders to go from “good to great” in their performance and careers. He does this by understanding, embracing and applying the philosophy of “what got us to here, won’t get us there”.

As such, he gives good leaders the skills, habits and abilities to transform themselves, their teams and their organisations into sustainable and measurable high performance.

As a business leader and owner himself, David realised organisations do not need professional service providers anymore, but rather true partner organisations with a commitment, dedication and guarantee to deliver real ROI as measured through their performance metrics.

Executive Performance Partners (EPP) specialise in supporting CEO’s / Business Owners and their Leadership Teams to enhance people performance through a range of coaching, mentoring, accountability, problem solving and transformational change initiatives to deliver measurable and guaranteed performance outcomes together.

3:00 pm • 120 minutes


Executive Performance Partners



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