From Start-up to Scale Up: Women Founders Share Their Stories

9:00 am Free L2/155 Queen St Brisbane

Join four women founders (all alumnae of SBE Australia programs) who will discuss their experiences of starting and scaling their businesses. We will explore the challenges they faced, what they learned from their successes and ‘failures,’ and their advice for early stage women founders.


Presented by SBE Australia

Since 2012, SBE Australia has been providing women with access to tools, networks and knowledge. We’re here to help women build and scale global, sustainable businesses. Women founders face a unique set of challenges. We understand these challenges, in addition to those commonly faced by entrepreneurs. Our programs are designed to help women sharpen their plans, hone their skills and build a network for long term success.



About Carmen Pascoe, SBE Australia and founder, SitClique

Carmen has spent over a decade working for large corporates in the insurance and rehabilitation sectors in primarily operational, account management and customer engagement roles in Sydney and Brisbane. She has studied both a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Master of Business Administration (2020).

Curious, conscientious and ambitious, Carmen kicked off her entrepreneurial journey when she co-founded the babysitting marketplace SitClique with her two sisters after all three struggled to find flexible care support required to meet the demands of being working professionals and parents.

Carmen knows that ‘women in leadership’ is good for business. She is passionate about gender equality, reducing the gender pay gap and giving all women the opportunity to be financially independent.


About Camille Socquet-Clerc, Founder, Bloom Impact Investing

Camille is the founder of Bloom Impact Investing, a fintech start-up on a mission to make Climate Impact Investing easy and accessible. Passionate about addressing climate change at scale, Camille saw an opportunity to leverage financial markets and technology to accelerate our clean energy transition. Bloom is a simple mobile investment app, empowering people to invest in a climate impact fund to grow their wealth, whilst making a positive impact on the planet. With Bloom, anyone can invest in clean energy projects such as solar farms and wind farms, and the best climate impact companies worldwide. But Bloom is not just a financial product, it’s also a community of people using their money power for good, gathering every month to learn about impact investing and sustainable finance.


About Maree Kenny, Founder, SwipeMate

With a 15-year career building and nurturing corporate relationships within the financial services sector, Maree is taking the knowledge she has gleaned and is using it to create a digital solution to help ease the loneliness epidemic. A recent graduate of the Founder Institute pre-accelerator program, swipemate is Maree’s first startup.

The human brain takes 0.01 of a second to form an impression of you at first sight, the same amount of time it takes for a human thumb to swipe left or right across a dating app screen. At swipemate, we do one thing: help our users optimize the results they receive from dating apps.

Our mission is to make people pause, and take a longer look at each other before making a judgement. We know life gets lonely sometimes. We’re on a journey to nip loneliness in the bud.


About Kym Cooper, Founder, East Forged

Kym Cooper is the Co-founder & Chief Tea Taster at East Forged (EF). Working alongside her tea partner-in-crime & Chief Tea Mixologist, Tania Stacey, the female duo is out to disrupt the ‘dusty’ iced tea category with a new style of craft iced tea, that looks deceptively like a beer.

Since 2019 EF has been helping conscious consumers enjoy socially inclusive beverages made from real ingredients that are alcohol-free, naturally brewed and ready-to-drink. Kym has had 7 years trading in tea through The Steepery Tea Co., creating tea programmes for hospitality venues, tea blogging and fostering tea networks (Australia and Japan) and she is passionate about growing tea community in the SE QLD corner. She is a Chartered Accountant from an audit background trying to rationalise risk and reward as a founder everyday!

9:00 am • 120 mins

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