Getting Business Clarity

From startups to established businesses, it can seem sometimes that we are just doing what we are doing by default rather than in a purposeful way to grow our business.

In a word, our business can sometimes seem a little fuzzy, taking the time to get some definition around our business is key to moving it forward and growing.

Businesses need to be able to clearly articulate their business purpose, understand who their customer is, be elevator pitch ready and confident to make sales and grow.

Can you clearly articulate the following:

  • Who you are,
  • What it is you do (and don’t do),
  • How you do it,
  • Who you do it for, and
  • Why you do what you do?

So, were you able to articulate the above questions in a short and convincing way? If you didn’t quite manage it, then this workshop will sharpen up your messaging and give you some CLARITY around Why you started all this in the first place!

This workshop is aimed towards start ups to established medium size businesses that could do with a little help either defining or re-defining their message.


About Sarah Woolmington Director of Learning at Faculte3

  • ME | 25 years of experience in training teams and individuals with a passion that inspires ACTION from learning.
  • WHAT | I train and coach to ENGAGE teams and individuals in the process
  • HOW | Coaching and training in topics that EMPOWER the learner to inspire change and activate actions
  • WHY | My belief is that when you are ENGAGED in the reasons WHY and you are EDUCATED on the HOW you are more EMPOWERED to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • ACCREDITED METHODOLOGIES | DiSC Advanced, Celemi Business & Sustainability Solutions, Miki Island – high-performing leaders
  • TRAINING TOPICS | Gaining Clarity for business or career growth, accountability coaching, Sustainability decision making for teams, business and finance for all, brand and network building, high performing teams, gaining clarity for business or career growth, accountability coaching


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