Grow Your Business with Google

This workshop is designed to show you the easy and practical things you can do to start raising your profile on Google using the free tools Google offers.

Every day there are more and more clients leaving and writing reviews than they ever have done before.

In this workshop, Karl from My 5 Star Reviews will show you how to build an online reputation that you can be proud of in the next 90 days and attract 1-3 warm leads weekly.

Stop spending money on Google or Facebook ads until you have done this workshop. It is the best zero-dollar ad spend marketing you can do.


About Karl Schwantes, Customer Experience Expert

Karl Schwantes is a Customer Experience Expert and an international award-winning author, a Telstra business award finalist and winner of the My Business Awards 2020 for the Best Customer Experience.

Karl has an uncanny eye for quality and uniqueness. As the owner of Xennox Diamonds, a 44-year-old second-generation family business, his skill lies not just in making unique jewellery but also in crafting phenomenal experiences with clients. His clients are left feeling like they have just been a part of something truly special, which has seen Xennox Diamonds generate over 638 x 5 star Google reviews. 

In 2020 Karl launched a program sharing all the Xennox business secretes and showing business owners how to craft remarkable client experiences that turn great testimonials into Google Reviews that drive leads and sales in their business 24/7.

9:00 am • 120 minutes


5 Star Reviews



Digital Marketing


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