Growing Healthy and Thriving Teams

Leaders are problem solvers – not the problem to be solved.

Crafting a team is an art form where we must balance the realities of our circumstances, be agile in the face of disruptions and learn how to lead human beings with empathy and self-awareness.

How can you create a team that not only gets the job done but also creates and builds a clear and healthy culture ready for the future no matter the challenges ahead? This is the workshop where you’re empowered with insights and intelligence from our team of multi-industry integrated leaders.

Join us so you can lead with confidence knowing how to give your organisation and team regular vision and culture health checks with resources and practical strategies to have your team postured for the future whilst facing challenges with resilience and optimism.


About Andrew Stone, founder of Stone Creative Leadership Group

Andrew founded Stone Creative Leadership Group to create a proactive environment for leaders to converge their passion and clarity, personally and professionally.

Andrew has been in leadership roles within the community since his early teens and is currently serving as a leadership development and communications consultant for corporate and education sectors, universities, allied health and wellbeing space, faith-based communities, leadership colleges and not-for-profit organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and USA.

A sought-after speaker with a unique communicative style, Andrew travels the world from boardrooms to auditoriums with one purpose, to lead leaders into clarity.

About Pele Ramdhani, Senior Leadership Coach and Global Development Consultant

Pele Ramdhani is an international leader whose achievements include pioneering the global health and wellbeing brand Fitness First in Queensland, making it not only a powerhouse brand but also building a statewide and national influence. He has spent the last decade as the executive growth strategist in the FLG group and their board.

An honoured leader within the multicultural community where he served on the board of MDA (Multicultural Australia). He served as diversity and culture officer for the Gold Coast Suns and Brisbane Bullets. His business resilience will inspire you to be personal and professional clarity.

An influential and trusted voice when creating convergence between corporate, community and local and federal government initiatives.

We are aware of his executive coaching insights and credibility in the global space, which makes him a trusted strategist for creating high performing individuals and strategic plans for our partners.

About Brad Mercer, Director of the Westin and Four Points Sheraton Brisbane City

Brad Mercer has been in the hospitality industry for over 30 years and has built teams and successful leadership and management pathways locally and globally. He has learned the art of building and sustaining high performing teams that have made him a leader among leaders not only in his industry but a sought after voice in the property development and tourism industry within Australia, Asia and the U.S.

He most recently has worked with local, state and federal governments in crafting the roll-out of the Queensland hotel quarantine strategy during the Covid-19 pandemic – where he had to maintain the business model, team morale and sustain the leadership culture across the whole organisation, they have now come out of the pandemic stronger than ever and ready to serve the city well.

With multi-layered teams in the hundreds overseeing multi-million dollar sites, he speaks with well-earned leadership authority when it comes to empowering teams and leaders to work at their optimum with resilience and optimism. People from all over the world desire to work wherever Brad is leading – you’ll have to join us for this workshop to understand why and be impacted by his powerful experience and story.

9:00 am • 120 minutes


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