Hiring For Small Business

This workshop will help small businesses to navigate the hiring of talent in our current landscape and what the jobseekers of 2022 and beyond are looking for.

This workshop will cover short quick wins that small businesses can implement as well as longer term strategies to set themselves up for success in the future.

Our session will cover:

  1. Sourcing and finding talent
  2. Improving content in job ads and reducing spend in advertising
  3. EEO and Anti-discrimination responsibilities
  4. Interviewing skills and assessing capabilities
  5. Building the culture, brand and business position in the market
  6. Employee advocates and referral programs
  7. Understanding the recruitment journey and candidate experience


About Jaz da Silva, Co-Founder of Relate

Jaz is an accomplished executive leader, coach, and HR practitioner with roots in creative industries and psychology. Jaz inspires businesses to foster real diversity and achieve sustainable results through positive work ecosystems, authenticity, and communication.

Her breadth of experience spans a variety of corporate cultures, both in Australia and internationally and her vision for a better future of work, is both refreshing and inspiring.

“No one gets out of bed to be a bad person; I honestly believe this. People are inherently good with complex needs. My work focuses on giving people the tools to understand themselves and each other better, to relate to each other.”


About Kate Palu, Co-Founder of Relate

Kate is an executive leader, coach, and HR expert who partners with businesses to create positive change improving outcomes for people, customers, and results.

Kate is an engaging communicator, taking audiences on a journey as she recounts her experiences leading people and the lessons she has learnt on the way.

With more than 15 years’ experience leading teams across Australia and the UK, Kate understands the tangible financial outcomes that follow healthy work environments and an engaged workforce.

Kate believes it’s the combined efforts, collective knowledge, and willingness to challenge the status quo that makes things shift. Her positivity and drive to make an enduring impact on communities are infectious.


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