How Chat GPT is Changing the Marketing Landscape

As businesses are looking to develop new financial year business and marketing strategies, it is vital to stay up to date with new technologies as they emerge, understanding how they can support you.

In this workshop, we will explore new technologies, particularly Chat GPT, guiding you on what to look at related to Branding, Marketing & Sales mix to ensure you are investing in marketing that provides the greatest return on investment.

By attending this workshop, you will learn about:

  • Aligning your 2023/24 Business strategy with your Branding, Marketing and Sales strategies
  • Ensuring your Marketing Mix is hitting the “right” customers and taking them on the “right” customer journey to conversion
  • How ChatGPT and other technologies are influencing your business and marketing going forward
  • What to measure to ensure you are getting the best return on your investment


About Michelle O’Hara, Owner/ Director at OH! Marketing

Michelle O’Hara has been running business for 16 years across a range of industries. International speaker, workbook creator, educational presenter and networker extraordinaire, Michelle thinks of herself as a student of “people”.

She has built OH! Marketing backed by an awesome team that understands Marketing strategy and Business strategy go hand in hand along with Branding and Sales strategy, and all must align for success.

She loves sharing her losses (there have been plenty) and wins openly so as to help the next business owner be the best they can be.

She is passionate about developing the next generation of students coming through and understands we must learn from them just as much as they from us.


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