How Data is Building Resilient and Vibrant Cities

3:00 pm Free L2/155 Queen Street, Brisbane

What businesses want more than anything is more customers. Within Brisbane city and fabulous suburbs, data is being used each day to inform improved business outcomes. Data and insights are vital for business recovery and growth.

From digital marketing, e-commerce, consumer trends, instant messaging, and way finding, businesses’ data is never-ending. Those that seek to use the wealth of data available can gain significant advantages.

Towns and cities globally have started to explore the benefits to bring data together to deliver better outcomes; this is often called a Smart City. A smart city uses data and insights to improve the outcomes of the businesses and the wider community.

At the Brisbane Business Hub, we’ve brought together some of the leading minds to explore what increased use of data means for Brisbane and the businesses that are based here. We will explore digital trust, data insights, privacy, and economic outcomes.

This is an event not to miss if you’re recovering and growing your business in the Brisbane area. You’ll walk away with how to make better use of data and what is available to help support your daily business decisions.

About Dr Vanessa Douglas, Partner, GWI

Dr Vanessa Douglas-Savage is a proven leader in information management and data with specialising in information privacy and knowledge management. As Partner of GWI, Vanessa is passionate about using technology, data, and information to provide value to businesses, support people and facilitate better outcomes for stakeholders in government, not-for-profit, and health sectors.

Vanessa has been instrumental in the design, review, and implementation of major government lead ICT projects in areas of child safety and education which have created long-lasting public benefit. Her expertise in information architecture, knowledge management, and data ethics enables her to challenge ways of working and unlock hidden opportunities through technology.

Neil Glentworth, Founder and Chair, GWI

Neil is the founder and chair of information and data management firm GWI, growing the business from his kitchen table into the respected national professional services company it is today. As a passionate advocate for open and transparent government, Neil is the Executive Chairman of Redman Solutions, a specialist in powering a more effective and accountable government through www.opengov.com

Neil is an experienced global leader, entrepreneur, and company director, with extensive leadership, governance and advisory experience across ASX listed, private and public sector organisations. He is renowned for his deep understanding of digital, data and emerging technologies in a globally competitive economy. A respected keynote speaker and inspiring storyteller, Neil is regularly called on for his to-the-point commentary and signature presentation style.

Chris Isles, Economic Development Manager, Brisbane City Council

Chris is the Economic Development Manager at Brisbane City Council. Chris’ portfolio includes the economic development program of Council as well as their City Analytics team. Across his career he has been a sought-after leader in the cities sector and a trusted advisor to all levels of governments and private sector alike. Chris has been recognised for his work exploring and facilitating the relationships between economics, data, smart cities, and new technology uses and their intersection with planning, economics, data and cities.

With 20 years’ experience in the planning and development industry, Chris was awarded Australian Planner of the Year in 2015, and in 2019 was awarded the Smart Cities Industry Leader award by the Smart City Council of Australia and New Zealand.


3:00 pm • 120 mins

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Brisbane City Council



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