How LEAN is Your Finance Function: Turbocharging Your Business Engine

Your business’s accounting platform and finance function are like a high-performance racing car’s engine and expert pit crew, essential for navigating it through financial tracks and ensuring a successful drive to its destination.

Just as elite racing car teams can fall behind if they don’t refine their vehicles, train their pit crews, or tweak their strategy for new tracks or changed conditions, the systems and processes within your finance function can carry weight that could steer your business off track.

Join us in this fast-track workshop where we’ll explore how the LEAN Framework for identifying waste can turbocharge your business engine’s efficiency and give you a roadmap that will take you to a podium finish.

By attending this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the LEAN framework and how it can benefit your business
  • Walk away with a hit list of easy to implement actions that will help turbocharge your finance function
  • Explore a framework you can use to foster a culture of continuous improvement throughout your broader business

While all are welcome to attend, the content of this workshop is targeted towards business owners, finance officers and internal bookkeepers.


About Steve Kassulke, Operational Efficiency Expert at Acumin.io

With a passion for helping businesses to cut through the clutter and simplify their systems to help them work smarter, Steve enjoys working closely with business owners to identify and overcome the pain points holding them back from building their business.

As a qualified chartered accountant who has worn the hats of client manager, software advisor, and practice manager, Steve knows how important it is to have a clear line of sight on the performance of your business, and has done the leg work to identify the most common areas businesses and internal finance teams miss when it comes to optimizing their operations to be as efficient and effective as possible.

When he’s not working, Steve enjoys applying his logical, common-sense and systemised approach to his passionate interest in golf – constantly challenging and making improvements to his golf game to keep reducing his golf handicap everyday!


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