Neuroscience of Success: What Would You Do If You Knew You Would Succeed?

Join this interactive workshop and learn how to be more successful in your business or career by applying the brain science of success.

Understanding how to act in a positive and beneficial manner is essential for anyone wanting to achieve their full potential. Since all behaviour is produced by the brain, a practical understanding of the brain science driving behaviour is extremely helpful. It’s a bit like knowing which gear to choose when driving a car!

By attending this workshop you can learn:

  • To clarify what success means and looks like for you
  • The brain science behind overcoming potential barriers, such as overcoming fear
  • How to move safely beyond your current comfort zone
  • The practical brain science that drives success type behaviour


Joseph Tigani, Organizational Neuroscientist, Master Coach, and Global Speaker

Joseph is an organizational neuroscientist who has helped scores of individuals to be more successful in their careers or business. He holds a masters degree in neuroscience for which he obtained a grade of 99% for his thesis on trust, and he also has degrees in business and law (honours).

He has coached and trained leaders and teams for over two decades, and delivered inspiring presentations at conferences across Asia and Europe, as well as presentations for the Queensland University of Technology and Australian Human Resources Institute. Joseph is a member of the Australasian Neuroscience Society.

12:00 pm • 90 minutes


NeuroTrust Institute



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