How To Create a “Rock Solid” Foundation for Your Small Business Future

You’re looking at creating a Small Business future for yourself or you’ve started out but, you’re swimming in a sea of self doubt and indecision.

Get sorted by reviewing the foundations, find that focus and firm direction you are looking for.

Taking That First Step – The Business Idea

We all crave change and we all look for validation. In this first step, we’ll look at the ideation of your business, how to validate it through testing and feedback, and finally, how to bring together and frame your services or product delivery.

Business Plan – friend or fiend! Down the Rabbit Hole

Many people turn away from the dread that comes with creating their first business plan but, in reality, it’s your greatest opportunity to discover just how powerful your business can be, and how you can successfully bring it all to life and survive in your first year of business.

Market – Who Are You Talking To?

Learn why it’s key to your success to know who your market is and reveal who is at the “beating heart” of your business. Together we’ll identify and create your “Perfect Client” and then drill down and learn where to find them and most importantly how to speak to them in a language they will understand and respond to.


Once you understand the “who” behind your business, attracting their attention and holding it is crucial. Branding is about connection and creating a lasting impression with potential clients or customers. Learn the power behind a well constructed brand that will connect and clarify what it is you offer and what makes your business the better choice. We break down the elements of a strong brand and discover how each element plays a role in representing your business “personality”.


Now that you know the “who” and having clarified your brand, you’re ready to boldly step into marketing your business with clarity, intent and conviction. Uncover the broad variety of marketing options open to you and how to select those options that best suit your business and budget. Understand how brand consistency is a prerequisite to success in your first year.

Grit, Grind and Focus

Finally, understand what it will take to survive your first year. Learn the skills to keep focus, set and hit goals, stay motivated and how to be resilient in the face of changes that might through you and embrace your win and how to learn from your mis-steps. Understand what to expect and how to accept.

Support, Guidance and the Self-Employment Assistance Program – Gain the benefits?

Discover why this multifaceted program was created and who it’s here to benefit in Small Business and how the program benefits both beginners in business and those with existing businesses.


About Holly Winter
Holly Winter is an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, facilitator and coach. With a decade of experience in the personal development space and a lifetime of learning, practicing and embodying, Holly has guided and supported 1000’s of Australians through teaching, coaching, mentoring, courses, classes and speaking events.
Modelling heart centred, inspired leadership, her passion for social impact has seen Holly work with corporates, not for profits, small business, entrepreneurs and youth in Australia and internationally, seeking empowerment, inspiration & education.
“I am dedicated to uplifting, motivating, educating and giving back to others at every stage of their self-development journey. My knowledge and commitment to my mission and body of work will support you to discover YOU and provide you with the mindset, innovation, tools and resources to build a life that LIGHTS you up”.
Holly applies her deep knowledge and understanding daily as a Small Business Mentor at The ASE Group – Australian School of Employment.


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