How to Manage Difficult People in the Workplace

Managing staff can be challenging at the best of times, but it’s ten times harder when employees are difficult to deal with.

This workshop will teach people managers how to lead in a solutions-focused way when working with challenging personalities.

If you manage people, join the discussion for insights and tools to assist in managing difficult people in the workplace. There will also be opportunities to share stories and ask questions during the session.

The key learnings from this session will include the following:

  1. How to relate to challenging personalities
  2. How to adapt your management style
  3. How to get the best performance from difficult staff
  4. How to protect the organisational culture when there are difficult personalities to contend with


About Barbara Selmer Hansen, Director at Impact Business Consulting

Barbara Selmer Hansen, is a HR Specialist and Consultant. Barbara works with various organizations on culture, HR compliance and leadership coaching. Barbara’s passion is fostering strong organizational culture while empowering leaders and staff to perform at their best. Barbara is the Director of Impact Business Consulting, a published author, a member in practice with AHRI, and a Mentor with the Brisbane Business Hub.


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