How to Motivate and Manage High Performing Teams in 2022

According to a recent study, 25% of the workforce plans to look for new jobs as we emerge from this season. Something needs to change.

Career paths often include bouncing from company to company and industry to industry in an often futile attempt to fix a problem that lies somewhere else. With particular roles defined by burn-out, disengagement, overwhelm and lack of meaning, this movement can make it brutally hard for an organisation to keep exceptional talent and stay competitive in an industry.

Sparketypes are the source code-level driver of work that makes a person come alive. They are the imprints or affinities – those intrinsic impulses to do the work we are born to do.

The Sparketype Assessment was created in 2018 by Jonathan Fields and has been taken about 640 000 times by people worldwide, creating more than 32 million data points.

Join Anna Hebron, Queensland’s first Certified Sparketype Advisor, who will share with you the power of the Sparketype framework, how you can learn more about yourself, find your Spark and share this with those you lead, love, learn and live with.

From the Sparktype, you will discover: 

  • More of an understanding of yourself and what fills you up and empties you out
  • How to find jobs and craft a career that energises and inspires you 
  • How the reimagining and redesigning of your current role can give you much more of what you need
  • Understand how to leverage the power of the Sparketype Assessment and tools to spur personal growth and more organic, intrinsic motivation, high-performance, and more effective and inspiring leadership.

You benefit when your team members, leaders, and colleagues become Sparked.


About Anna Hebron, Certified Sparketype Advisor

Anna is an experienced executive leader, small business owner, strategic advisor and non-executive director with over 20 years of experience in people and organisational transformation. She has a track record of building collaborative partnerships to create purpose-driven organisations and teams backed by a simple process.

Anna brings deep expertise in governance, human resources, strategy and planning, process simplification, leadership and team development, board/director advice, business continuity planning and preparedness. She has led major change projects and delivered transformational outcomes through business simplification, boosting employee engagement and refining strategic alignment.

Anna is a Certified Sparketype Advisor and uses her Sparketypes of Advisor and Essentialist to simplify and demystify the complex and guide others to leverage the opportunities found in change and uncertainty.

Anna is a values-based leader, NED, strategic advisor and coach passionate about inspiring people and teams to find their best and deliver purposeful outcomes with simple processes. She works with people, teams and organisations to demystify the complex and leverage the opportunities found in change and uncertainty.


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