How to overcome Cognitive Overload to Refocus your Business

We are all swamped with emails, messages, meetings, keeping up-to-date with market and industry information, technology trends, and social media. There is a finite amount of time and energy we all have each day. In the workplace, cognitive overload can kill productivity, breed negativity and dampen creativity.

In a world of information overload, there are a clear set of tools we will share to help you improve productivity and refocus your business. These strategies will provide you with clarity around what you need to achieve as well as what is currently holding you back.

As People & Culture Specialists, Mel & Yas work with their clients on business strategy, people development, and coaching for performance. Mel helps people climb mountains in the boardroom and in remote locations. Yas helps businesses transform their culture from “Lord of the Flies” to “Ted Lasso”. They both share a passion for connecting people and ideas, transforming people and businesses to build better places to collaborate on a global scale.

Join Mel & Yas to learn to thrive in this Age and conquer the conveyor belt of information.


About Melinda Russell, People Transformation and Business Development Specialist, Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Mel is a passionate people person. She’s worked in business for over 30 years in people and business transformation from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Her unique capabilities are around organisational effectiveness, leadership and learning and development. Mel loves total self-health and coaching others; this is indicative in what she does on the weekends as a trekking guide, leading teams. Helping people climb mountains in the boardroom and remote locations.

About Yasmin Sethi, Director of Co-Lab People & Culture

Yas is a People & Culture Specialist who has worked in global leadership roles for public and private corporations and Not-for-Profits. While based in Switzerland and the UK, she had first hand experience of the value of diversity and embracing the differences in people. And there’s nothing like being a stranger in a foreign country with the complexity of language barriers and cultural differences to build resilience and resourcefulness. She is passionate about working with leaders, professionals entering the workforce, women, and young adults to develop themselves. She is always seeking to improve business, people and processes to make positive change.

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