I.T Skills: Interns & Graduates Add Value to Your Business

3:00 pm Free L2/155 Queen St Brisbane

Join Greg Booker, Carla Scott and Laurie Carmichael as they outline why I.T has become so pervasive for businesses today.

Laurie will demonstrate the skills that are required by I.T. professionals today and define how Interns & Graduates can add value to your business at a time of rising costs.


About Laurie Carmichael, National Partner Manager, ACS Foundation

Laurie has worked in the I.T. Industry for over 50 years. After studying at RMIT in Melbourne, Laurie joined Honeywell as a Graduate. Within a few years he was sent by Honeywell to work and study in Paris and Boston. After returning to Australia he taught other Honeywell staff on the latest I.T. Technology. Laurie has run his own I.T. companies focussing on Distribution of I.T. products across Australia and has undergone training at INSEAD in Fontainebleau France.


For the past 15 years Laurie has worked for the ACS (The Australian Computer Society) and the ACS Foundation. Australia faces a challenge in providing our people with the necessary skills for the future, with I.T. now pervasive across all businesses. The wheel has come full circle and Laurie is now helping young Interns and Graduates from University find roles in I.T.

About Greg Booker, Group Chief Information Officer, Multiple

Greg has over 30 years in the technology industry in a career that has spanned the globe and encompassed working as a Supplier and a Customer. A financial services specialist he has implemented core system replacements in Asia, the UK, and the United States and has worked on 13 different Financial Services M&A activities.

From an early career in Australian Financial services Greg joined IBM and spent a number of years travelling the world as a Financial Services specialist with his highlight being the lead architect in the growth of a fledgling Minnesota based First Bank systems into the 5th largest bank in the United States, US Bancorp. Since 2000 Greg has worked largely within Australia filling General management and CIO roles at St George Bank, ING Australia, ANZ Bank, and now most recently at RACQ. Greg has a Masters of Management, an MBA, and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He is married to Ruth and has three sons; Kane, Luke, and Finn.

About Carla Scott, Co-founder and CEO, Populace Threads

Carla is co-founder and CEO of Populace Threads, a circular fashion digital marketplace for pre-loved clothing and accessories. With a passion for
sustainability, a focus on limiting the negative impact fashion has on the environment and an extensive background in transformation and innovation, Carla
founded Populace Threads in the belief that the principles of the shared economy, combined with marketplace technology, could be used to create a circular economy model for consumer fashion.

Carla’s vision for Populace Threads is to build an all-encompassing digital platform that makes it easy for people to keep clothing in circulation and out of landfill for as long as possible. Currently the platform allows users to Shop, Swap and Sell their pre-loved clothing and accessories, and over the next 12 months the platform will grow to also include the capability for people to Rent, Repair, Donate and Dispose of wardrobe items.

It is Carla’s belief, that by creating a digital platform that empowers consumers to engage with circular fashion, and provides easy, accessible options for everyone to be conscientious consumers of fashion, we can create the necessary waves of change to help reduce the tremendous impact our modern fashion culture has on the environment.

3:00 pm • 120 mins

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ACS Foundation





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