Improve Productivity & Profitability For Your Business

Identify and eliminate inefficiencies, improve productivity and quality, and ultimately increase the business’s profitability and competitiveness. This workshop introduces a framework for helping everyone at all levels in your business to feel empowered to identify improvements in the organisation, businesses that implement this framework also see increased collaboration, improved employee engagement and the adoption of a culture of continuous improvement.

The 8 wastes of LEAN is a framework to help identify where you are wasting time, people, resources, energy and money within your business. It takes the notion of continuous improvement and provides a tangible reference point for you and your team to drive positive and profitable change within your business by focusing on reducing and/or eliminating waste.

During this session you will:

  • Identify the eight different types of waste that can occur in business processes;
  • Explore the value of various processes within your business, we’ll take a look at your processes critically to identify what’s really adding value or what is creating potential waste in your business;
  • Uncover a framework you can use to create a culture of continuous improvement in your own business, and engage everyone in your team in that.


About Steven Kassulke, Director at Acumin.io

With a passion for helping businesses to cut through the clutter and simplify their systems to help them work smarter, Steve enjoys working closely with business owners to identify and overcome the pain points holding them back from building their business.

As a qualified chartered accountant who has worn the hats of client manager, software advisor, and practice manager, Steve knows how important it is to have a clear line of sight on the performance of your business, and has done the leg work to identify the most common areas businesses and internal finance teams miss when it comes to optimizing their operations to be as efficient and effective as possible.

When he’s not working, Steve enjoys applying his logical, common-sense and systemised approach to his passionate interest in golf – constantly challenging and making improvements to his golf game to keep reducing his golf handicap everyday!


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