Ingenious Leadership with Paul Fairweather

9:00 am Free L2/155 Queen Street, Brisbane

Creative Leadership is an interactive hands-on training session that helps business leaders and their teams to create and align around a common purpose. By the end of the session, teams have clarity about the future, and attendees will have gained a range of powerful tools that can be quickly applied to a range of different business challenges.

A program to inspire clever, original, and inventive business owners in times of change, this session is for everyone including: Executive leadership Teams, Any Leader who wants to be more Creative, Teams that want to learn to think differently, Anyone who is stuck, Personal Creative Leadership for Individuals, Organisations who want to be define the new normal.

• Gain a deeper understanding of the Creative Process

• Learn the three main jobs of being a leader

• Learn how to visualise your preferred future

• Be challenged and have some fun along the way

• Build an action list

• Understand what Leadership, Creativity and COVID have in common

• Learn creative techniques to inspire teams

• Getting clarity around a project, a team goal, business strategy

About Paul Fairweather, Business Founder, Creative Thinker, Author, and Keynote Speaker

Once described by a colleague as equal parts zen and espresso, Paul Fairweather understands that to make ideas happen you need a combination of both the creative and practical.

Like many creative people who apply their skills to business, Paul came to a point of realisation that he had insufficient time for the one thing that he was most passionate about and made him so successful—creative expression.

An architect, Paul was a co-founder of award-winning Fairweather Proberts Architects (now bureau^proberts) where he was a driving force in the firm’s commercial success. He’s also credited as a chair designer, writer, performer and artist, including being a finalist in the 2001 Archibald Prize.

In his current business, Paul inspires people to “make a mark to make their mark”. He inspires people to make a start and create a difference, whether it be in leadership, their business or some personal pursuit. He teaches people how to find their voice and also how to uncover what it is that they want to express.


9:00 am • 120 mins

Presented By

Paul Fairweather



Business StrategyHR


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