Launching a Thriving Brand with PR Pitching & Influencer Marketing

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Whether you’re in the planning stages of launching your business, or you have an established brand but you’re ready to take it to the next level, understanding how to lead PR for your brand is one of the most powerful ways to build a thriving community, and drive profitable growth for your business.

PR’s never been more important for Australian businesses – both for start-up to big corporates. In a content saturated world – it’s getting harder and more expensive to stand out.

Landing coverage in your ideal online media outlet, TV program, or podcast – or having an industry expert or influencer promote you and your business – gives you unprecedented cut through, helps you reach thousands, if not millions of new audiences, gains the trust of your community, grows your existing platforms like your socials and email list, and strengthens your search engine optimisation (SEO/Google ranking).

It’s no wonder Bill Gates once said, “if I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.”

In this two-hour workshop, I’ll take you through the essential steps to do this. It’s the approach we use for our clients, as well as my own business to land coverage in outlets like Channel Seven News, Inside Small Business, Mamamia, The Courier Mail and work with a host of influencers. This includes:

1) Understanding and researching your ideal targets – from media to influencers – and what they need from you for their community

2) Tips for writing stellar PR content and stories that grip audiences

3) How to pitch and make your opportunity stand out – including managing the overwhelm and fear of pitching your story.

4) Q+As where we can answer areas and challenges exactly for your brand!

About Katie Martel, Founder & Director, Croft PR & Co-host of “Thriving In Business” Podcast

Katie Martel is an award-winning PR and brand content strategist and mentor behind Croft PR and co-host of the Thriving in Business Podcast.

As founder and director of Croft PR, Katie and her team help passionate business leaders achieve incredible impact, results, and growth through brand content and PR strategies, while giving them the confidence to focus on what they love – in business and life.

She and her creative team have worked with some of Australia’s leading businesses – from Medela Australia, Slater and Gordon, Rosella, Hyatt, Pellicano’s South City Square, Haven Newstead, and Craft’d Grounds – leading creative campaigns from social, to PR and digital marketing.

She’s also passionate about teaching entrepreneurs and marketers to master their own PR, influencer programs, and content marketing – without the costs and overwhelm through her Katie’s PR School coaching program and her products.

She’s helped Croft PR’s clients and Katie’s PR School members land coverage in all forms of digital and traditional media – from Channel Seven News, The Australian, The Courier Mail; as well as in smaller, niche media like Women’s Agenda, Kidspot, Mamamia, Brisbane News, Urban List, and collaborations with a broad range of influencers brands, and bloggers.

And alongside her co-host of the Thriving in Business podcast – she and Rachel Callan of Full Stop Social Media share tips and interviews with experts – to inspire entrepreneurs in mastering PR, social and digital content marketing to thrive!

In 2020, Katie was announced as Inside Small Business’ Top 50 Australian Small Business leaders

9:00 am • 120 mins

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