Leading For The Long Game

9:00 am Free L2/155 Queen Street, Brisbane

Leading your organisation is a convergence of vision and resilience. Leading your life is the same.

What if we could provide you the philosophical and practical tools to intentionally create a holistic life filled with longevity and leadership?

Join us and embark on a holistic and personalised journey of understanding the flow of your life and the connection between your vision and your natural leadership wiring. Our personable team of leadership specialists and high-performance team coaches will help bring clarity to the practical outworking of your desired outcomes and the intentional leveraging of stress and performance.

This dynamic and innovative workshop is built around insightful conversations exploring:

– purposefully managing your diary and life

– chunking time

– engaging multi-tasking vs interval tasking

– strategically leveraging stress and conscious self-care

By the end of the workshop you will also be able to clearly identify the areas of your life that are creative and therefore intentionally grow them, and in turn, diminish the reactivity of your life and leadership.

We can’t wait to see you there!

About Andrew Stone, Senior Leadership and Communications Consultant, Stone Creative Group

Andrew founded Stone Creative Leadership Group to create a proactive environment for leader’s to converge their passion and clarity, personally and professionally.

Andrew has been in leadership roles within the community since his early teens and is currently serving as a leadership development and communications consultant for the education sector, universities, faith-based communities, leadership colleges, and not-for-profit organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and USA.

A sought-after speaker, with a unique communicative style, Andrew travels the world from boardrooms to auditoriums with one purpose, to lead leaders into clarity.

About Pele Ramdhani, Senior Leadership Coach and Global Development Consultant, Stone Creative Group

Pele Ramdhani is an international leader whose achievements include pioneering the global health and wellbeing brand Fitness First in Queensland and most recently leading the growth of Goodlife Health Clubs making them not only powerhouse brands whilst building statewide and national high performing teams. He has spent the last decade as the executive growth strategist in the FLG group and their board.

An honoured leader within the multicultural community where he served on the board of MDA (Multicultural Australia) and was also a board member of Northside Christian College. He served on the diversity board for AFL Queensland and Brisbane Bullets. His business and spiritual resilience will inspire you to personal and professional clarity.

An influential and trusted voice when creating convergence between corporate, community, and local and federal government initiatives

9:00 am • 120 mins

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Stone Creative Group



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