Legacy Leadership: Panel and Book Launch

The emergence of a new model of leadership after more than a decade in crisis.

The enormous scale, complexity and urgency of an organisations’ challenges demand more purposeful and sustainable leadership behaviours.

Leaders who have the vision and values, the character and competence, to shape the future while also balancing short- and long-term goals, and a sustainable, psychologically safe organisational culture, have a place in this ‘new world’.

A new book based on the learnings from a 10-year Women on Boards program has come up with the foundations and principles of a new form of leadership. ‘Legacy Leadership’ acknowledges the importance of ‘human skills’, including a deep understanding of emotional and social intelligence, to stay ‘true’ during stressful and uncertain times.

Join author Carolyn Grant, Claire Braund from Women on Boards and Bobbie Foot (panel members) as they discuss the book, and share insights into leadership challenges, priorities and skillsets to make positive impacts both personally and professionally.


About Claire Braund, Executive Director, Women on Boards

WOB has been working since 2006 in Australia and 2012 in the United Kingdom to address gender inequity in the boardroom and across leadership roles. Its driving purpose is to achieve 40 per cent of board and leadership roles occupied by women – across all sectors and industries – by 2025.


Principals Ruth Medd and Claire Braund are dedicated to breaking down entry barriers into leadership and boards and have built WOB into a recognised leader in the ecosystem of organisations and networks promoting and supporting women. They have a long history of success, and they are known for their strategic and practical events and innovative approach and programs.


About Carolyn Grant, Founder, 6peas

Carolyn is the founder of 6peas marketing and engagement which provides tools, frameworks and training founded in neuroscience to provide business intelligence to leaders to improve team performance, critical decision-making, customer-centricity and innovation.

Carolyn is the researcher and publisher of the People + Science Boardroom Psychological Safety Benchmark 2020-2021 (Aust) and author of the Legacy Leadership ebook and training and competency framework.


About Bobbie Foot, Internationally Recognised Leader, HSE

Bobbie Foot is a recognised leader and specialist in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) innovation in the mining industry. She has the proven ability to leverage data, science and technology to drive improvement in health, safety and environment outcomes of world leading organisations.


With unwavering commitment and leadership, her 18 year career at BHP has focused on driving innovation to continuously improve HSE and reduce risk. She’s led significant cultural change in BHP, resulting in better safety and health outcomes and prevention of injuries and fatalities.



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