Lord Mayor’s Business Awards: Hone Your Pitching Skills

Join us for an exclusive workshop led by a seasoned professional Cat Matson, who has mastered the art of pitching.

This workshop offers invaluable insights and practical tips to craft a compelling and persuasive presentation tailored for the Lord Mayor’s Business Awards. Whether you’re a seasoned presenter or new to the stage, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to shine in front of the judging panel. Learn to convey your message with clarity and impact, manage the Q&A session with poise, and turn every query into an opportunity to impress. This is your chance to stand out and secure victory with a winning pitch.

This workshop is specifically tailored for the Lord Mayor’s Business Awards, but the invaluable knowledge and skills you’ll gain are applicable to all awards. Secure your spot now and set yourself up for success!


Cat Matson, CEO and Lead Facilitator of Impactful Presenters

Cat empowers business owners and leaders to speak with confidence, authority, authenticity and impact. A popular and accomplished Speaker, MC and Moderator, Cat is known for her straight-talking ‘realness’; as a speaker coach Cat is known for helping her clients land their message, every time.

As Brisbane’s former chief digital officer, has seen and judged more pitch events than she’s had roast dinners. She knows what works, what doesn’t, and how to ‘stand out’ and be remembered.

10:00 am • 90 minutes


Brisbane Economic Development Agency



Business DevelopmentTalent


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