Marketing 101 – The Fundamentals of Marketing

Join Simon Dell, CEO of Cemoh and guest speakers to explore the fundamentals of marketing to gain valuable insights into how you can use marketing to build your brand and business.

Leave with a clear understanding of the marketing activities you can implement to support your business. Key learnings from this session include:

  • Marketing 101 – The fundamentals of marketing and tactical planning for business growth.
  • Branding – Learn why branding is more than just a logo. A deep dive into how branding helps businesses connect with their customers and influence their purchase decision.

This session is part of a two-part series held at the Brisbane Business Hub.

Find out more about the second day, “Social Media – Introduction to Online Platforms for Marketing Success” held on 15th March here.


About Simon Dell, CEO of Cemoh

Simon is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cemoh and has over 20 years of experience. He has significant experience in start-ups, public speaking, writing, and business development. His core experience is in Digital Marketing (Google Adwords, Analytics and Webmasters, SEO, Marketing Automation and Content Generation), Entrepreneurship, Technology, Business Leadership, Creative Direction and Innovation and Brand Management.


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