Meaningful Mental Health Initiatives for the Workplace

We spend A LOT of time at work – often more waking hours there than with our loved ones. So, how we spend that time, who we spend that time with and the culture we create affects us and our mental health.

Mental health in the workplace has been a growing concern in Australia for years. The impact of poor mental health on workplace productivity cannot be ignored. Studies have shown that employees with reduced mental health are more likely to take sick leave, experience reduced work performance, and have higher rates of workplace accidents and injuries, costing the Australian economy an estimated $10-12 billion annually.

So, what can you do about it?

Join us to find out what you can do in your workplace, and share with your staff and colleagues, to look after your own and their mental health.

By attending this workshop, you will learn about:

  • how to create a safe workplace culture to discuss mental health
  • what’s appropriate to address in the workplace
  • burnout & signs team members are struggling
  • simple and practical steps to boost and maintain good mental health.

This session is open to all, but content will be particularly relevant to Business Owners who employ staff, Organisational Leaders, HR professionals, and Emerging leaders wanting to improve their mental health .


About Belinda Chapman

As a Professional Coach and therapist, Belinda’s passion is to help her clients change unhelpful habits, perspectives and mindsets so they can achieve the success they desire. She created Bekinda To Yourself Therapies after overcoming her own mental health and wellbeing challenges.

She loves teaching people the best practical and effective tools to empower them to confidently take back control of their thoughts, creating calm and contentment with their life. Combining experience and knowledge from her years as a manager, facilitator, coach and therapist with neuroscience findings and teachings, she has compiled these tools to share with audiences around the world.

Through her workshops and events over the years she’s changed the mindset of 100s of people to view their stress and anxiety with a new perspective enabling greater self leadership and confidence. She’s excited to bring these teachings to you to empower you to do the same.


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