Modern Awards and Annual Salaries: How to Calculate Staff Pay Correctly

Are you a business owner having to wear several hats including Human Resources? Or are you a HR professional looking to expand your understanding of Modern Award interpretations?

Join CCIQ’s masterclass ‘Modern Awards and Annual Salaries: How to Calculate Staff Pay Correctly’ to gain skills in Modern Award interpretations and applications to reduce the risk of underpaying staff on annual salaries.

Creating an annual salary that complies with a relevant Modern Award is a compliance must. This masterclass by CCIQ’s General Manager of People & Culture, Jason Wales will be about interpreting modern awards annualised salary provisions to ensure staff are paid correctly. The masterclass will give employers skills to build an annual salary that meets the requirements of a Modern Award.

This masterclass will cover:

  • Step by step guide on how to build up an annual salary complying with Modern Awards provision
  • How to reduce the risk of underpayment of wages
  • Understand changes to Modern Awards annual salary provisions
  • Pay rate and Modern Award support

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding of FWC minimum wage increase process
  • Skills in Modern Award interpretation and application
  • Understanding how to create an annual salary using resources and tools


About Michael O’Brien, Senior Industrial Relations Specialist

Michael O’Brien is an experienced Industrial Relations advisor skilled in case management, conciliation, mediation, investigations and EA negotiations. He has over 20 years of experience partnering with staff and managers at all levels through strategic and operational HR expertise. Michael also has been accredited under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) with a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Human Resource Management.

Michael’s passion is to get to the heart of issues and work with people to create positive outcomes. With his considerable expertise, you can trust he will be an effective facilitator and advisor for your business when a situation of difference arises.
About Alexander Greig, Industrial Relations Specialist

Alex brings a diverse range of knowledge and experience in Industrial Relations to CCIQ. He holds a Bachelor in Laws from the Queensland University of Technology with practical legal experience in multiple areas of law.

Alex has previously worked for the Fair Work Ombudsman on the Information Hotline, providing a wide range of technical knowledge to both Employees and Employers, as well as experience in the Enforcement Division as an Assessment Officer, assessing complaints made to the Ombudsman’s Office. Alex’s extensive technical knowledge of the Fair Work Act, practical application and member-oriented outcomes have become a welcome asset to CCIQ.

9:00 am • 120 minutes







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